Monday, March 15, 2010

I dream of...

Well, as we all knew would happen I have been off the blogging world for awhile. Sometimes life just gets too crazy to have time to right it all down. Especially for me lately with all the political crap going on I frankly have been too frustrated, irritated, shocked, and just plain mad to write about it. Sometimes I just don't even know what to say about it, it has been that bad. Well, I thought for my own sanity, I really need to have some mommy time to feel like a grown up and discuss grown up things. So here goes another try....

So the big thing going on STILL is the health care bill. I still am in shock how Pelosi and the Dems continue to push this bill through when so many americans are shouting they don't want it. I am sure we can all agree that we need health care reform but why is it that they are not looking at opening up crossing state lines for health care companies and looking at capping or cutting down all these law suits which sky rockets insurance permiums for doctors.

So they think that by mandating businesses to give health insurance to employees or will be fined is going to help. I believe it is all about the plan to push everyone into the government health care plan and therefore forcing other companies to disapear. The more people are hurting financially, and need more help the more goverement can grow and the more power these politicians have over us. Why are we so eager to trust them handling such a huge part of our economy now when anything they have managed before has not been successuful.

Our government needs to stop spending, stop regulating, back off, and let the free market system fix itself. If I was in the same position with debt and income limitations I wouldn't be aloud to spend like they are. They are bankrupting american and taking from our children. I just pray that our officials see what the american people really want and stand up to their principles. And we all need to be active when elections come that if our representatives do not vote how we want we kick them out. I personally feel like all of them should go and we should start over.

I dream of:
  • Deregulating - allow options for businesses but do not mandate (it's unconstitutional!)
  • Give businesses tax breaks (ultimatley they will want to make more money and if the environment is right in order for them to make more money they need to grow their business or put out a product everone wants - which (oh wait for it ...) CREATES JOBS!!!
  • Implement the FAIR TAX - think of it - no IRS, everyone is taxed like a sales tax so EVERYONE pays taxes - no income tax taken - think of the boost to the economy and the environment it would create for businesses. Businesses from all over the world would be flocking here because we would have the best tax environment! JOBS JOBS JOBS oh yeah and more money for all of us! There is a book on it and below I have a link that explains it.
Educate yourself on the Fair Tax, check this video out - I know its 8 min but worth it!:

  • Smaller government - The constitution was not meant to give us liberity through the governement allowing it - we already have that (it is our right) - the constitution was meant to give SOME (not a lot!) power to governement to aid in helping keep that liberity. ~60% of what are governement is doing right now is unconstitutional! It seems ...our representatives have it backwards - they work for us - not the other way around! Frustrating!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Indoctrinating our children !?!

I came across this article about this video that was shown in a public school to young school children.

Here is link to article:

It promoted issues that could be controversial especially to be shown without parental consent. I thought to myself - "now what"! I watched the video and to be honest at first I thought, well this isn't so bad. I don't see much of a problem. But then as if the video was trying to make you relaxed and guard down at first, it then starts spilling into issues that some may feel passionate about on both sides of the argument. It not only was having these public stating what they would do they started saying what "you" (our kids) should do.

My reaction - WOW - and then - WOW - and then - "am I going to have to start home schooling my children?", (so they don't get indoctrinated with the philosophies of Obama)

Check the video out:

Monday, August 3, 2009

Awsome Video - You must watch!

I recieved an email from a friend telling me about this video. You should watch it. Here is her email:

Only 6 minutes and well worth the time. Can we afford to do nothing?

This guy's video on youtube has been so popular that Obama called him personally. He said that he was very disturbed with the video andinvited him to the White House. Obama also said he wanted the White House tohandle the Press and not to talk about the video or the White House visit. That's interesting.Watch it now. This may be the best six minutes invested in your future You may have to turn your Sound Control up some.

Unexpected letter from Senator Corker

I just got a unexpected letter from Senator Corker. I had already recieved a response from my last letter which I already posted, but this was an additional one. It is as follows:

Letter from Senator Bob Corker (or maybe one of his staff):

Dear Mrs. Doolittle,

Thank you for taking the time to contact my office. Your input is important to me, and I appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts.

I want you to know that I carefully review every proposal and piece of legislation that comes before the full Senate to make sure that I am always acting in a way that I feel will make Tennessee and our nation stronger. To that end, my staff and I read every single letter and e-mail that is sent to us in order to best understand the issues that are important to you, and it is our commitment to respond to your input as thoughtfully and efficiently as possible. Therefore, I invite you to contact my staff member for judiciary, homeland security, appropriations and government affairs, John Lipsey, at (202) 228-6520. I meet with my staff regularly to discuss the issues raised in letters like yours, and I want you to know that your input informs and guides me as I serve you in the Senate.

Thank you again for your letter. I hope you will continue to share your thoughts with me.

Sincerely, Bob CorkerUnited States Senator

So I did call and left a message. I will let you know if anything comes of it...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

National Health Care - one word - NO!!! Here is a break down:

When you first hear of the governent offering national healthcare, at first it may seem like a good idea. You look at the health care system today and there are problems. Here is the breakdown on my thought processes:
  • premiums are way too high - Yes!
  • hospitals charge too much for services - Yes!
  • There are people who need health care insurance - Yes!
  • Are those people who don't have health care insurance; are they not getting health care? -They ARE getting care (the problem is all of us are stuck with increases in cost to health care) So it is better if these people have the insurance - Yes!
  • Has the government ever done a good efficient job and running anything like this? - No!
  • Does something need to be done to these problems? - Yes!
  • Is nationalized government health the answer to our problems? - NO
  • Could the governement run health care cause more problems? - Absolutly!

There is my premises of the overall basic way I am seeing it. Now - lets look at why our premiums are high and why care has and is becoming more expensive:

  • Lets think about what insurance really is: Insurance is meant for bigger catastrophies. The idea is that you pay a little a month to protect you just in case something large happens. Like car insurance - we are responsible for the oil change, getting it fixed etc., but we have insurance for if we wreck the car. That way we don't have to access our savings and retirement to pay for the car, medical bills, other person's car etc. That could bankrupt somebody - that is why you have insurance! In medical terms - we should pay for our well visits the little illness etc., but if something big happens, a broken leg, cancer, accidents, you have insurance to offset the enormous cost of a big event. At least that is how it should be.
  • Regulations: sometimes we need it but here once the government got involved, (isn't it funny that if you look at most problems today the premise for problems that errupted are from government involvement and regulations i.e. housing market etc) regulating what kind of coverage was offered, our premiums had to increase. They started to say you have to offer counciling into your plans, you have to offer this extra and that extra. Well what happens when you do that - prices have to increase, even for those who don't use it.

Here is something to think about:

  • Does something need to change (our premiums, hospital charges, etc) - Absolutely!
  • Is there another way other than government involvement to change things and make them better? Yes!
  • Currently the insurance companies are trying to work with everyone to make things better, hospitals are lowing thier rates, but does Obama want to hear these solutions? No he doesn't!
  • Why does Obama want this health care passed through sooo fast? Because he knows that if everyone really see's what it is about no one would want it! He is out for power - bigger governement.
  • Do you really think undertaking such an enormous project like this could be - OR should be done so quickly - don't you think they should take their time to get it right. Massachutes underwent a process of offering a state funded type of plan where everyone could have insurance. It took 2 years to make it right and there was still problems. Even at the low cost of around $70 a month for people to be covered, a lot of people still couldn't pay it!

Watch this video:

Not only are the problems not addressed correctly, but the solutions are not being thought out very efficeintly and properly either. Our leaders should be very careful about how they handle this and they are acting like teenagers and jumping at any solutions that benefit them not thinking of the long term consequences it may have on our economy and the american people.

Let us look at the bill iteself and more reasons why it won't work and why we don't want:

Here is a link to the bill itself:

Here is an email my dad sent to me, I thought it made some good points: (click on the link

HR3200 link below to get the points with explanation - amazing that they are allowed to do this!)

Dads forwarded letter:

No wonder Obama & the leftwing want this rammed through in their latest rush to in-justice !


This should scare everyone, even the young who have elderly friends/family, or who intend to grow old. You probably will not hear of this from the media. If you feel it is immoral or unjust send it to your friends and do whatever you can with your political reps. This could be the next big step toward euthanasia. Please listen to the clip. If you are not considered "elderly" now you will be someday. This should cause great concern for everyone!

PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW WITH BETSY MCCAUGHEY The link will give you the audio which should start automatically but there is no video. Click here: Fred Thompson: Interviews

Then go below to see the actual wording of this bill, HR3200 Click on HR 3200 - EXPLAINED for page & actual wording & verification of what was said in the interview above with Betsy McCaughey !

"When you can ' t make them see the light, make them feel the heat." - Ronald Reagan

end of letter...

My experience with the health care system:

I have had many instances with using the health care system, dealt with the insurance companies dealing with claims, dealt with the departments in the hospital dealing with bills and so have had a lot of experience with being a consumer.

As most of you know Ben had cancer at age 23. I was not even done with college yet, we were engaged, he had a job but I had not, no savings, etc. He had to go through intitial surgery for removal, later surgery of RPLND (major surgery!5 day hospital stay), later surgery on his chest becauase of a cyst (another major surger), monthly CT scans, x-rays, etc. So imagine the bills from that! Our portion alone was over $60,000 and that was with insurance.

Let me tell you this though - He was seen immediatly - the next day rushed in for the initial removal surgery. The cancer had grown 3 times the size in one day! If there was any waiting he could be dead. I would pay that cost over again if it means the same outcome - he is cancer free today and I attribute that to the brilliant doctors that were aggressive with his cancer. If they had to go through a governement program, I am afraid it would not have been the same. In addition he had to have a lot of CT scans and x-rays - it was those scans that found the cyst in his chest that they said would have killed him faster than his cancer would have. In a governement plan do you think they would have approved that many scans? I don't have faith they would have.

Another expereience - with Adyson. Her condition of having craniosynostosis. A reminder - the soft spot fused too early. It was a 10% chance it would cause mental handicaps. The biggest reason the doctors gave was actually for her future physical appearance and what that would do to her social and emotional well being. Do you think a governement health care plan would have approved a surgery like that on those odds? I don't think it would have.

PEOPLE! We need to wake up and take charge. This is a democracy and it is turning out to be a dictatorship. We need to speak up and become informed about what our representatives are doing for us. We need to wake up to the consequences to the choices of governement officials we vote into office. This is not picking the most handsome or well spoken person for the part - or who does the better job at advertising (Obama), look at what is happening because soo many people got caught up into his lyrics of Change, yea but did they look at what kind of change. He is deffinitly bringing change but is it for the better? It is too late to change america's choice for president but we can make our voices heard on these issues and not let him destroy this great nation! I can't help but dream of Romney. Boy he could have helped with this economy, just look at his experience - oh yea I forgot we don't elect presidents anymore on how qualified they are just what they promise and how well they tell us what we want to hear!

Scroll down and follow the link to contact your reps and let them know you don't support this bill and they shouldnt either: Here is a letter I just sent my rep:

my letter:

NO! NO! NO! We do not want Universal Health Care! Why are you government officials trying to slip through passing this huge and major issue so quickly!?! Us, what is it, 80% of people who have health care do not get a say in passing such a huge and taxing plan? Why change all of the system when only 20% need help with it? Does our current system need changing? Yes, but not like this. Currently, the insurance companies are changing things, the hospitals are lowering their costs, these groups are trying to change and make it better. But making a big government plan will not solve the problem, it will make it worse.
I have a lot of experience with having and using health plan benefits. At a young age, my husband went through cancer (age 23), we were hit hard with our portion, but let me tell you I was grateful! Because of the doctor’s aggressiveness, they saved his life. In just one day the cancer spread a third more, and if my husband had to wait for any amount of time, it could have spread throughout his body. But we were in, ultrasound done, and by the next day he was in surgery removing it. I do not believe with a government health plan this would have been possible. I grew up in the military, and had experience using military doctors, and from a young age I understood how inefficient most of the system was. I am afraid this new big government plan would be the same. My youngest daughter, at 9 months of age had to have skull surgery because of having craniosynostosis. I am afraid that with a government plan she would not have been allowed to have it based on the % rate of her actually having problems with it.
People from other countries with universal health care plans fly over here to get help because of our system, and because they are denied help with theirs. Why are we taught history? Why are we taught about other countries? So that we can learn from past mistakes and learn from others. So please learn!!!
More Taxes? How to pay for it: more taxes… how else. To whom? Small businesses – what 8% increase on small businesses. I have several friends with small businesses and they couldn’t afford that. Small businesses are what this country was founded on and Obama and this administration is destroying it! Please do something about this! Please don’t pass this plan, and please get all others to honestly see the bigger picture of what this kind of plan will do to our country. Remember – 2010 are elections and everybody is watching! If you as my representative pass this I will do everything in my power to make sure you are not reelected. I hate to sound like this but I can’t believe everything that has been happening these last 5 months! Is it ever a good idea to make huge decisions in a fast times span? Say NO!

Please stand up for us,
Lisa Doolittle

His reply:

Dear Mrs. Doolittle,

Thank you for recently contacting my office regarding universal health care. Your input is important to me, and I appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts.

Like you, I do not support a "universal" health care system in which the government bears all of the cost for our citizens' health care. I believe instead that all Americans should have the ability to purchase their own health insurance on the private market and be personally responsible for at least some portion of the insurance costs. I want you to know that I will be working against the expansion of a government-run health care system to ensure that we maintain the highest level of quality and patient choice in medical care. The insight you have provided here will certainly help my staff and me more effectively look into this issue.

Thank you again for your letter. I hope you will continue to share your thoughts with me.
Sincerely, Bob CorkerUnited States Senator

Please all of you (especially those with democrate senators - let them know - and tell them NO!)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What ever happened to only taxing the rich???

I am again listening to the radio, this time Jason Lewis on 95.3 FM. He is talking about some of the things going on that will effects us regarding taxes. Remember when Obama says he is only taxing the rich? With all the spending he is doing, how are we supposed to sustain it? How can you? You can't. Taxing the top 2% only gives you about 500 bil. Even if you could tax them double it still would not cover the 4 TRIL dollars of budget Obama has set for this year. He has to tax other places, heck, he has to tax all of us everywhere to make all of that up!!!

Something to think about:

Here is some fast and coming tax increases headed our way:

1) Have you been hearing about that wonderful cap and trade bill trying to be passed. Well, that bill is going to hike our fuel and energy and utility cost through the roof! Everything will increase! Jobs will be lost etc, etc., Check out Glen Beck and cap and trade link:

2) Health Insurance - you know how right now our health insurance premiums most of us pay it pretax, if we have a employee plan the employer pays part of it. If we pay any other costs towards medical depending on how much it is we can sometimes even deduct that from our income taxes. That is now - may not be the same later. Obama wants to tax health insurance, that includes the part the employer pays for you, it will be added as income. I will control myself for my feelings on Obama's health care plan, that will be another post.

3) Cigarette tax - To some of us this isn't an issue - and to be honest I really don't care but the point is that here is another tax increase (100% increase) that effects not just the rich. Actually if we really think about it - lot of people are more towards the poor end.

So if you are getting fired up like I have been there are some things to do. I had decided that I could not live with myself if our country took a turn that made it unrecognizable and I did nothing about it. I want to at least say I tried. This is our future we are talking about, this is our kids future we are talking about, this is our great grandchildren's future we are talking about!!! Our nation is changing fast, faster than I ever thought was possible and the changes that we are making our not sustainable to continue with what America has been great with - freedom, opportunity, our free market system, our choices etc. etc.

Let me make something clear - I am all for charity, helping others, having systems in place to help the poor, people who need health care, etc. But just because there is a link in the house doesn't mean we rebuild the whole house! There are people out there now that cannot afford food and there is a system of food stamps. We are not paying for everybody because a few need help. The same should go with our health care system. OK OK I am stopping, but that may be the topic of my next blog...


write your senators or call them

writer your governer

Monday, July 6, 2009

Letter to My Representatives

So I love to listen to talk radio including Neel Bortz, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity. I also love to watch on tv Glenn Beck, Hannity, and I do stay pretty loyal to Foxnews. I know most of them are very far right conservatitives but I do agree with a lot of things they talk about. At the very least it gets me thinking and looking the issues up for myself. I will check out the other news stations but have found them to by partial to the left and I do not feel they give accurate balanced represenation of the news.

So a few weeks ago I am watching Glenn Beck and am getting all fired up about some issues he is talking about. I have been getting fired up a lot lately about all the "great" things Obama is doing with our country. We may soon know what it is like to be a 3rd world country - no - I hope not - I hope people start waking up and realizing what the consequences are to these choices Obama is making. Just look at CA. OK so I am off on a tangent already. (warning - I may do that a lot)

Letter - right - so I decide to write my representatives. Here is the letter I wrote and emailed to my local representative Zack Wamp, my Senators, and Governer.


Dear ...

This is the first time I have ever written to any of my government representatives. I used to have faith in our country, our constitution, and our government officials of all levels to uphold our freedoms and rights. Those elected may have had a different point of view as me but that foundation of the bloodline of this great nation still flowed and my basic freedoms and rights stayed close to the same. I used to think how great our country was because the way it was set up, with the checks and balances our founding fathers put in place, to protect from any one entity from gaining too much control.

What is happening to all of that? And why are you, as my representative not doing anything about it? Our constitution is on fire and you who have been elected by the people to protect it are sitting around and either being bullied or just a coward (or maybe you are too concerned about reelection or your own power) to do anything about it. With the way things are going the face of the free enterprise, our market system, our hope to achieve and be successful if we work hard, our security in our safety from foreign and domestic threat - is all in jeopardy. PLEASE do something! Stand up and say something. Fight for us. Don’t allow what is unconstitutional to continue happening. We will stand behind you.

I am mom of 4, I have received my education from UCSB, been a financial advisor, and currently stay home with my children. We struggle with one income, but own a home, and do ok. My husband just finished getting his education, and it was always our hope as soon as he completed he would go out and get a better job. Where are the jobs? We always viewed America as a wonderful place of opportunity and freedoms. We thought if we work hard, have good ideas, and great work ethics, we will be successful! Now I am not so sure any of those will be rewarded, and am scared like I have never been before. Having experience as a financial advisor, I have always had faith in the markets and never before second guessed putting money in it over the long term. Now I question how safe it is even over the long term. With these auto companies and the reconfiguring of the structure where previously the secured bond holders would get first pick, is changing after over 200 years of staying the same. How does that secure future companies to get loans when no one can guarantee anything? When government is taking control at such fast overwhelming speed. It is incredible to me that none of you government officials are saying or stopping this! It is incredible to me that most of the media is saying nothing! Are all of you so caught up in your own worlds of wealth and prestige, who you know, and the good old boys club, that you don’t see what you are allowing or doing to this great nation? It will not be so great for very long! Look at history, look at our constitution, protect us little people who are the fabric of this nation. HELP US!!!

Deeply concerned,
Lisa Doolittle

Thier replys:

Dear Lisa:

Thanks for sharing your personal story with me. Many people have written to me with stories similar to yours. We will work through these difficult days and do everything we can to help regular people whose lives have been greatly impacted by this recession. Any action taken by Congress must stimulate investment, job creation and economic activity.

The federal government has once again overstepped its role, exerting too much control over the free enterprise system. The failure of the automakers bailout and the grossly mismanaged Troubled Asset Recovery Program (TARP) are prime examples of what happens when the government inserts itself into private industry.

President Obama has taken partial ownership of General Motors (GM), promising not to micro-manage the company even though he has already fired GM's CEO. This is not the proper role of the federal government.

Consistent economic policies like tax relief for working families, help for small businesses across the country, and less government spending are needed to get folks back to work and our economy moving again. I will continue fighting against the expansion of the federal government and for a more conservative approach to our economic challenges.

In an effort to return the federal government to its constitutional role, I have signed on to co-sponsor the Enumerated Powers Act, H.R. 450, requiring the Members of Congress to prove the constitutionality of each bill introduced in the House of Representatives.

Warmest Regards,
Zach WampMember of Congress


June 15, 2009

Mrs. Lisa Doolittle
5525 Sarah Dr.
Ooltewah, Tennessee 37363

Dear Lisa,

Thanks for getting in touch with me and letting me know what's on your mind regarding the future of our country.

Although ethics rules prohibit me from discussing political issues in my official U.S. Senate correspondence, I can say that, with the elections behind us, I will continue to work hard in the Senate to get things done for Tennesseans. I'll support our new president when he's right and oppose him and come up with a better idea when he's wrong. Senators on this side of the aisle don't need new principles and don't need to hire a PR firm. We need to turn the principles we believe in into solutions that affect Americans on an everyday basis - solutions on energy prices, health insurance, helping to balance the family budget, boosting the economy, and keeping spending under control.

I'm grateful you took the time to let me know where you stand, and I'll be sure to keep your comments in mind as these issues are discussed in Washington and in Tennessee.



Well... I learned something new, the Enumerated powers act. I wonder of course 1) who wrote these responses? was it their pr secratery - did they ever read my letter. 2)are these a generic response?, my hope is they at least read it and know what they people they are representing feel.

My next thing I want to write to them about is National Health Care issues. We'll save that for another post.